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Blondie – Hearth Of Glass. Chrysalis, 1978 (stampa italiana)


Iggy Pop – Bang Bang. Arista, 1981 (stampa tedesca)

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dal programma dei seminari dell'Hackmeeting a Pisa 28-29-30 settembre 2007:


45 RPM/ Revolutions per Minute

sabato 29, h14 : 2 ore

Oratore: armin medosh

the 1930ies Bert Brecht and Walter Benjamin tried to formulate a
participatory and anti-fascist media theory. Benjamin demanded that
every author should also be a producer of new formats and techniques
which would enable people to find their own voice and express
themselves. And Brecht thought that "through continuous, never ending
proprosals how to better use the apparatuses in the interest of the
general public" the left could shake up and destroy the social basis of
those apparatuses, and "discredit their use in the interest of the
few." 70 years later the participatory media paradigm that Brecht and
Benjamin envisioned seems to become possible. Dissident politicized
media activists and free software developers not only own the means of
production, they/us/we actually produce them. Can we change the
relationship of the means of production by producing participatory and
emancipatory technologies? Can capitalism be unspun from within? Or
will this movement be another victim of capitalism's capacity to absorb
progressive and critical movements and divert their power, a tendency
we can already see with Web 2.0.

A lecture supported by audio
interviews with discussion afterwards. 45 RPM is an interim result of
The Next Layer research project, an independent research project into
the art and politics of Free Software. http://theoriebild.ung.at/view

Long text: http://theoriebild.ung.at/view/Main/RevolutionsPerMinute

(http://www.thenextlayer.org/ this is under construction, not ready yet)



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