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Halloween 2009 @ nEXt Emerson: Gargamella plays Häxan (Witchcraft trough the ages)

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

stasera al CSA nEXt Emerson (in via di Bellagio 15, Firenze – zona Castello) verrà videoproiettato il film Häxan di Benjamin Christensen sonorizzato da Gargamella (band folk-industrial locale)

haxan video dall’Internet Archive (cliccare qui o sull’anteprima per vedere il film)

Sabato 31 ottobre 2009: ore 20 cena benefit con chef della palestra popolare San Pietrino

Serata in maschera


Sacra scuola dell’unto presenta: la megacena per la palestra popolare!



Pennette al ragù di zucca, salsicce e scalogno
Risotto Penne e taleggio (vegetariani)
Pennette zucca gialla e funghi porcini (vegani)


Arista in odore di rinascimento, con mele e melograno
Trippa alla Romana
Polpettine di miglio in crema di gorgonzola e radicchio rosso (vegetariani)
Polpettine di miglio a secco (vegani)
Insaltona mista autunnale

Vino e acqua.

Costo della cena: 8 euro
gradita prenotazione a

a seguire la Parrocchia SanPietrino, offrirà battesimi con il rum a tutti i fedeli.

WJM at the controls

Friday, October 30th, 2009

WJM dj set al nEXt Emerson (ottobre 2009)

foto: THX (2009)

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WJM at the controls - foto: THX (2009) WJM at the controls - foto: THX (2009)

NEEM Orchestra @ nEXt Emerson (FI) 29 ottobre 2009

Thursday, October 29th, 2009
stasera al CSA nEXt Emerson in via di Bellagio 15 Firenze (zona Castello) 

N.E.E.M. (Nuove Esperienze Eresia Musicale) ORCHESTRA



CSA nEXt Emerson —
altri appuntamenti Burpiani:
Jealousy Party live
Burp info — 

Bent Festival 2010 – NYC

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Bent Festival 2010. Festival del Circuit Bending a New York City

sito ufficiale — 


Circuit-Bent Festival 2010 NYC Open Call

October 19th, 2009

The Bent Festival
is looking for the next festival lineup. By starting things early this
year organizers are hoping to make it the best one yet! Great
opportunity to meet new benders and get inspired, check it out.

– Press Release –

The Tank is currently accepting proposals for:
Bent 2010 : The 7th Annual Circuit Bending Festival

Tentative Festival Dates:
New York, NY Bent Festival – April 22, 23, and 24

Proposal Deadline: December 1, 2009
Participant Notification: December 11, 2009
In keeping with the expanding interests of the community, this year we
are continuing to open the Bent Festival to performers and artists that
create their own electronics as well as to those who hack, bend, modify
and destroy them. We are currently seeking performers and artists to
participate specifically in these categories: Performers, Installation
Artists, Artwork Submissions and Workshop Instructors.

Please send all proposals and questions to:
New York Bent Festival –

Bent Festival seeks bands and/or solo artists who incorporate home
built or circuit bent instruments or ideas in their performance. Please
email a short description of your act, along with a link to mp3s and
photos if you have them. Please do not send attachments larger than 1MB.

Bent Festival is looking for installation artists who can commit at
least 15 hours to creating site-specific pieces of art at each of the
venues during the duration of the festival. Installation artists will
be provided with space, materials, electronic equipment and tools.
Please submit via email a brief description of your installation idea
along with examples of your past work. Please be prepared to commit to
spending time in the installation space during the festival and be
prepared for a shared and at times hectic work environment. No white
walls here!

In addition to installation artists, we would like to have featured art
work that fits with the spirit of the festival from people who might
not be able to join us in person or who cannot commit to working in the
space during the duration of the festival. Please submit via email
digital images or links of your work and a brief description.

Bent Festival is seeking workshop instructors to present on various
topics. Topics in previous years have included: General circuit bending
workshops for beginners and extremely technical, hands on workshops on
a particular aspect or niche of the genre. Please describe the subject
you would like to lead a workshop on and provide a one-page description
of that workshop, in addition include links or examples of your current
and past work in the field.
Stipends for all festival performers, artists, and workshop leaders
will be provided.  We have a limited number of travel grants available
as well. Please contact us for more information.

New York Bent Festival –

Cos’è il Circuit Bending? What is Circuit Bending ?

purchase Bent festival DVDs at

never bend something plugged into the wall
you could die
battery powered devices only
unless u really know what your are doing
bending is a great, easy and fun way to get into electronics
many benders move on to learning how to create their own circuits

This Short/Preview for the Circuit Bending Documentary by Derek Sajbel (
features Q.R. Ghazala, Nebula Girl, The Shinths, Daedelus, Dave Wright,
Cynthia and music by Venetian Snares was compiled of footage shot
during 2003 (4 years and shooting) of primarily answers to the question
"What is Circuit Bending?"

love it or hate it, it’s here to stay and growing fast

the ending font is decidedly cryptic, and requires pausing to read
the links are somewhat expired, here’s updated links,,,,,,,

the final documentary is forthcoming
but in the mean time I have made DVDs of the
International Bending fest BENT 2004 and (… ) 2005 and 2006

order thru my website
or order thru http:/

turned off unrestricted comments, as a majority of the youtube
population has nothing better to do than leave mindless hate or crappy


ciao Jim

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Jim Carroll (1950-2009) Riposa In Pace

R.I.P. Jim

Jim Carrol website —