Giovedi’ 25 ottobre 2007 Digital Leather (USA) live. Ulisse Barnum (FI)

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Giovedi' 25 ottobre 2007 Digital Leather live 
electro funk punk indie rock da Tucson, USA. 
Ulisse Barnum, via San Salvi 12 Firenze 

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Componenti: Shawn Foree (primary) with live assistance from: Ryan Wong, Rustin Rousseau, Steve Sleaze, Devon Morris, Jay Reatard, Marc Berry, Bruce The Ruse, Jason Baker, Isaac Reyes, Chris Squire, William Mcdaniel, Lil' Baby Jesus.
Influenze: death, disease, blondes, vodka, sunsets, lollipops, candycanes, penis pumps and feedback.


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