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*Mittwoch/Wednesday März/March 26:*
*Jack Rose / Hush Arbors
*plus guests
*@ West Germany, Skalitzerstrasse 133, Berlin-Kreuzberg, U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor
*9 pm
*Jack Rose*, formerly of the extended drone pioneers Pelt, knows this
better than most. Since heading out on his own in 2002, Rose’s virtuosic
fingerpicking — often recorded without embellishments in one take —
has explored as much Takoma-style magic hour as it has darker-hued
extended workouts of his own invention, his nimble fingers equally
capable of Eastern raga as ragtime blues, his range increasingly
reminiscent of the great steel-string iconoclasts of American guitar.
*Keith Wood*, now a London native, plays in softer tones, the
psychedelic wash of his gauzy folk as unhurried as it is beautiful. Wood
often records with the windows open, piecing his songs together from his
distant vocals and disarmingly pretty guitar, the whole thing sounding
like it came in with the wind itself. Deeply inspired by the nature of
his native Virginia, Wood’s records evoke the peace and silence of a
mountain retreat, his gorgeous melodies equally affecting when brushed
in slow-burning psych as they are unadorned.

*Interview mit Keith Wood / Jack Rose (by Pete Nicholson):*

Keith: Now, London, U.K; growing up, Waynesboro, Virginia
Jack: Richmond, [Virginia]

*First show:*
Keith: Bob Dylan
Jack: B.B. King and Miles Davis

*Favorite German:*
Keith: Werner Herzog
Jack: Michael Rother

*Alternate, non-musical vocation:*
Keith: A nice guy
Jack: Bum

*Secret talent:*
Keith: It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you
Jack: Drinking

*Talent you wish you had:*
Keith: Playing pedal steel guitar
Jack: Trust fund


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*Thursday March 27 / Donnerstag 27. März:*
*plus Guests*
*Berlin @ West Germany, Skalitzerstrasse 133, U-Bahn Kottbusser Tor. *
*9 pm
*CHARALAMBIDES (Tom & Christina Carter) (US)*

Since meeting at a record store in 1991, Houston psych duo Christina and
Tom Carter have put together one of the most sprawling and
uncompromising discographies in the American underground, their meeting
as spontaneous an occurrence as the music they have made. The Carters’
almost twenty-year odyssey through noisy improv, warm country-psych,
woozy drones and dissembled roots music has seen a stream of the kind of
records that can change your chemistry, filling you with soporific
bliss, making you nauseous, the kind that can fly off in any direction,
picking up influences from anywhere and then scattering them again.* *



* <>


Datashock (Ger)

Datashock sind ein rituelles deutsches “Neo-Hippie-Grusel-Folk
Kollektiv” mit wechselnden Mitgliedern und einem immer wieder sich neu
erweiterndem Musikerkreis. Datashock definieren sich nahezu vollständig
über ihre psychedelischen, multidimensionalen Live-Improvisationen, mit
Wurzeln im Kraut-Rock der 70’er, die sich hemmungslos mit
zeitgenössischer elektronischer Musik und psychotischen
Drone-Landschaften paaren. Das Ergebnis sind gedämpfte, schwindelig wie
schwüle Schwingungen mit vielen komplexen Schichten und Ebenen von
schweren, unmittelbaren Wellen aus elektronischen Klangspielereien und
komischen maskenhaften Lautmalereien. Immer wieder wird dieser seltsam
anmutende Klangteppich von realitätsverschobenen Flüstergestalten und
Stimmeinlagen durchbrochen und neu kreiert. Hier wird jeder Schritt zum
nervösen Abtasten des wabernden, sumpfigen Urwaldbodens.



Time Life, comprised of *Vanishing Voice *members *G. Lucas Crane *and
*Heidi Diehl*, boils the psychedelic improvisations of the Vanishing
Voice into more structured space music, using tape manipulation, guitar,
and voice. Wrapping sounds from various sources into a concocted aural
remedy from reality, a psychedelic blanket sheltering you from the
outside world. Heidi lends her voice and dripping dream guitar work to
the powers at hand, juxtaposing heavy bass with light whispers and
shimmering strings with deep murmurs. There?s a lot psychedelic bands
around today, but anything connected to the Vanishing Voice and
especially Time Life are at the forefront of the movement, if anyone is.



Your friendly neighborhood…

THX 1138

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