Jozef van Wissem + Gunn/Diehl Duo + Screening “Blue” by Derek Jarman + tapes: JD Zazie (IT)

Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2009 / 20 Uhr
Jozef van Wissem + Gunn/Diehl Duo + Screening "Blue" by Derek Jarman + 
tapes: JD Zazie (IT)
*Blue. The Image as Emotion.
For the evening of May 28, Film Director Derek Jarmans "Blue" will be 
screened inbetween the live-sets of Jozef van Wissem and Gunn/Diehl as 
metaphor for the human or "not-so-human" condition of receiving daily 
impressions of things lively-felt, circling in and out like waves, with 
their constant need to be tagged - as images that become an emotion. 
"Blue" is the color that comes to mind while listening to the 
hyper-fragile string-works of Brooklyn-based Steve Gunn/H. Diehl (of 
GHQ/Vanishing Voice/Time Life/Nautilus), "Blue" is the color that draws 
a line from the 16th century painter Hans Holbein, to Kandinsky/Marc`s 
1910s Expressionist collective Der Blaue Reiter, to Brücke with Otto 
Mueller "Landschaft mit Badenden", to Yves Kleins work in the 1950s and 
the contemporary deconstructed, palindromized Renaissance Lute 
Compositions by Netherlands born Jozef van Wissem. Derek Jarman`s final 
movie "Blue" (UK 1993), a  memory map spoken on blue-screen, mostly from 
ill-in-hospital-beds point of view, a collage of recurring monologues, 
sound- and music interplays, is driven by the need to finally /"be 
released from image".
**Jozef van Wissem:
**Steve Gunn + Heidi Diehl:
**JD Zazie:
location/info: <>
White Rabbit Berlin/ Galerie der Künste
Potsdamer Strasse 98 /10875 Berlin
U-1: Kurfürstenstrasse/U-2 Bülowstrasse - Metro-Bus: M29/M48/M85 bis 
Potsdamer Brücke

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