Lewis Dracula + V + Rayo + Costellation Search @ White abbit (Berlin) 5 aug 2009

Dracula Lewis, the grandson of quite known Count Dracula, was born in 
the Netherland Alps back in 1977. To be able to travel as much as 
possible, visiting new places by making friends with new found people, 
though many of them short lived, has always been a dependable tradition 
in the ways of the Dracula tribe. From Den Haach to the heart of 
Bucharest, Lewis traveled via Salzburg, Vien, Linz and Unterstetten to 
his recent refuge found in Riminese. Great hotblooded food, lots of 
shady catacombs, caves and churchyards to discover and use as affordable 
residency, Lewis finally settles near Milelano. There it was where he 
met Frattz, his german sheppard dog, who becomes best companion in 
sniffling up the most exquisite quality bloodline and main muse. More 
recent, and with good advice from befriended family of Paganini, Dracula 
Lewis established his own brand in the record label Hundebiss to assure 
a steady income, to progress his need to travel and meet as much 
youngbloods as possible. Like his ancestors, Lewis taste in lively 
things stays joyous, adventurous and exuberant. Preparing the dishes for 
upcoming Wednesday August 5, Dracula Lewis invites siamese twins 
Francesco Cavaliere & Benjamin Altermatt/Indias Indios who will 
ghosttalk as Rayo, the dark & mysterious V out of Skopje/Macedonia, and 
Oliver of the Sky, a Ukranian doctor in search of map relations between 
freckles and moles. 
Maitre Vitrier:
White Rabbit Berlin/ Galerie der Künste /Potsdamer Strasse 98 /10875 Berlin
U-1: Kurfürstenstrasse/U-2 Bülowstrasse - Metro-Bus:   M29 bis Potsdamer 
Brücke +  M48/M85 bis Lutzowstrasse

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