Some Said You Were High Class: Jonbo-N’Jovi + Pogo/Dorella/Hana


Some Berliners would say that Jonbo – N’Jovi
are the most exciting and innovating act in town, merit of their
unusual choice of instrumentarium. Ideated as a gamelan orchestra the
duo Seiji Morimoto (who by the way is a trained gamelan player) and
Francesco Cavaliere find and try all kinds of percussive moments in
every day and not so every day objects. Witnessing their performance is
sliding from one joyous moment to another, an adventurous hop and jump
act that takes the onlooker (and I was one on more then one occasion)
from one surprise to another. More recommendations? I think you will
probably recommend them after you have seen them.


What started of as Ventolin Orchestra for a supporting act, ended up with a sigh and a cough by Bruno Dorella, the director of the Orchestra, that they had stopped performing, and that he didn’t have any ideas, and that he was still with his head somewhere else (the beach of Ravenna), and that he was trying out new chop sticks. Result is that voice acrobat Mat Pogo wanted to join Bruno. And just now I hear that Norwegian wizz kid Anders Hana (MoHa!)(!) will bring his saxophone. The three of them, Bruno with his chop sticks, Mat with his vocal stenographics and Anders with his babyphone will play silently silently so. Just for the occasion. If a trio will be born, then here’s chance to see it happen.

15. August, 20.00 end 22.00



Flughafenstrasse 38

U8 Boddinstrasse

U7 Rathaus Neukölln

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