JD Zazie & Pato’s “Death by Lounge” wav files

recordings of the JD Zazie & Pato’s "Death By Lounge" performance at the Staalplaat Working Space – 12 August 2009

[SND] death by lounge part 1.wav 16-Aug-2009 18:59 68M
[SND] death by lounge part 2.wav 16-Aug-2009 20:05 160M
[SND] death by lounge part 3.wav 16-Aug-2009 17:57 145M
[SND] death by lounge part 5.wav 16-Aug-2009 18:28 70M

JD Zazie on the mix – photo by Lapupazza


JD Zazie — http://virb.com/jdzazie 

Pato — http://www.myspace.com/patooo 

Staalplaat Working Space — http://staalplaat.wordpress.com/2009/08/09/12-august-death-by-lounge-pato-vs-jd-zazie/ 

related projects: 

Sem Erssu Aq — http://virb.com/semerssuaq

B Unit — http://virb.com/bunit,

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