Post-Punk podcast

THX Post-Punk podcast – stereo mp3 128 kbps –

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1. Throbbing Gristle “Whistling Song”
2. Hafler Trio “Restimulation”
3. Der Plan “Kennen Sie Köln”
4. P16D4 “E & E”
5. Snakefinger “Trashing All The Loves Of History”
6. The Residents “Whatever Happened To Vileness Fat?”
7. Martin Rev “Rocking Horse”
8. Robert Merdzo “First Introduction”
9. Earth “Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine (part 1)”
10. NON “Warring Atoms”
11. Coil “The Avatars”
12. Nurse With Wound “A Shoe Fly Debris Situation” (excerpt from side b)

recorded by THX from original vinyl records (no reissues)
15.09 28/02/2011

TG’s Special Treatment back cover foto

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