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The New Sound Of Music – 1979

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

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The New Sound of Music is a fascinating BBC historical documentary from the year 1979. It charts the development of recorded music from the first barrel organs, pianolas, the phonograph, the magnetic tape recorder and onto the concepts of musique concrete and electronic music development with voltage-controlled oscillators making up the analogue synthesizers of the day. EMS Synthesizers and equipment are a heavily featured technology resource in this film, with the show’s host, Michael Rodd, demonstrating the EMS VCS3 synthesizer and it’s waveform output. Other EMS products include the incredible Synthi 100 modular console system, the EMS AKS, the Poly Synthi and the EMS Vocoder. Most of the location shots are filmed within the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop studios as they were in 1979. Malcolm Clarke demonstrates the Synthi 100, also known as the “Delaware”, Michael Rodd demonstrates musique concrete by tape splicing and manipulation and Paddy Kingsland demonstrates tape recorder delay techniques (also known as “Frippertronics”). The Yamaha CS-80 analogue synthesizer is demonstrated by both Peter Howell and Roger Limb. The EMS Vocoder is also expertly put to use by Peter Howell on his classic “Greenwich Chorus” for the television series “The Body in Question”. Dick Mills works on sound effects for Doctor Who using a VCS3 unit, and Elizabeth Parker uses bubble sounds to create music for an academic film on particle physics. Peter Zinovieff is featured using his computer music studio and DEC PDP8 computer to produce electronic variations on classic vintage scores. David Vorhaus is featured using his invention, the MANIAC (Multiphasic ANalog Inter-Active Chromataphonic (sequencer)), and playing his other invention, the Kaleidophon — which uses lengths of magnetic tape as velocity-sensitive ribbon controllers. The New Sound of Music is a fascinating insight into the birth of the world of recorded and electronic music and features some very classic British analogue synthesizers creating the electronic sounds in this film. The prime location for these demonstrations is the BBC Radiophonic Workshop where much creativity and invention took place during the period the workshop was in operation in the latter part of the twentieth century. Electronic music today is used everywhere, and many musicians gain inspiration from the past, as well as delving into the realms of sonic structures and theories made possible by the widespread use of computers to manipulate sounds for the creation of all kinds of musical forms.

Jack The Tab

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Jack The Tab/Tekno Acid Beat is an album of material by Psychic TV released under the guise of a various artists compilation album. The album is compiled from the releases Jack The Tab – Acid Tablets Volume One and Tekno Acid Beat.

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Secrets of Synthesis

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

today i want to bump this torrent download link:

Wendy Carlos “Secrets of Synthesis” (spoken word album, 1987) – FLAC:

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Secrets of Synthesis cover art

by “Blue” Gene Tyranny

More than just a demonstration disc on electronic music — the examples are original creations from her own works, from the best-selling “Switched-On Bach” to “Digital Moonscapes,” and contain extremely interesting theories and a new procedure for harmonic synthesis that results in sounds never heard before. (There’s an interesting article on this with a floppy disc demo in Keyboard magazine for November, 1986.)


Don’t read this if you don’t want to know who The Residents are

Friday, January 6th, 2012

THE RESIDENTS REVEALED! (rare photos of Vileness Fats, Homer, Hardy & Jay)


A slide show of pics from Bill Reinhardt’s summer visits to The Residents home during the production of “Vileness Fats”. Also, snapshots of Rez Hardy in Portland visiting Bill and girlfriend, Rhoda. ‘H’ wanted to see the record shops where “Meet the Residents” were being sold. (Included are a few postcards, programs and promos from the era).


Don’t read this if you don’t want to know who The Residents are


THE RESIDENTS EXPOSED! (rare video of their early private lives)

Super-8 film offers a rare historical peek into the Residents private lives. Home movie (18 Sycamore St. building) shows where they lived and worked on the 1st three albums and the video project “Vileness Fats”.

This is only partial footage from the original film (more to come later). Shortly after this ‘home movie’ they started the Cryptic Corp. and moved to Grove Street. Look closely and you will see details, objects and artifacts used in their myth-making (sort of like the “Bunny Boy” promo). Of particular interest was the printing and assembly of 1000 record covers for “Third Reich & Roll”


interview with Homer Flynn of The Residents —


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i see the light

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Model 500 – I See The Light

-1993- Juan Atkins


Juan Atkins – Techno City