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new rock mix -vinyl only-

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

T.V. assassins by Thx on Mixcloud

100% vinyl records.
1. The Nomads – Move It On Over
2. D.C.3 – Home Is Where you Bang Your Head
3. Minutemen – No One
4. Ramones – Commando
5. Snakefinger – Trashing All The Loves Of History
6. Jello Biafra with D.O.A. – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
7. Primus – Hamburger Train
8. Judas Priest – Starbreaker
9. Bad Brains – Big Takeover
10. Public Image Limited – Religion
11. Herbie Hancock – Hardrock
12. Debbie Harry – Military Rap
13. Beastie Boys – Sabotage

Sun Ra and The Blues Project

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Audio dalla ristampa dell’LP del 1966 The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale (Sun Ra  and The Blues Project) Batman and Robin (Tifton catalog#: 78002).

Un rinrgaziamento particolare a WJM e Matpogo di Burp enterprise per avermi iniziato alla musica di Sun Ra negli anni 90.

buon ascolto

your friendly neighborhood THX 1138


Sun Ra and The Blues Project Do Batman and Robin (MP3s)


In 1966, a toy company in Newark, New Jersey released a children’s record called Batman and Robin to cash in on the popular Adam West TV series of the same name. The music on the LP was credited to “The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale,” but in fact the band was one of the greatest uncredited session combos of all time, including the core of Sun Ra’s Arkestra and Al Kooper’s Blues Project. To keep the music licensing fees to a minimum, all the tracks were based on public domain items like Chopin’s Polonaise Op. 53, the horn theme from Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony and the love theme from Romeo and Juliet, and generic rock riffs. It’s all instrumental, with the exception of Robin’s Theme (MP3), featuring an uncredited vocalist who I hope some reader will be able identify. More info on the Italian boot reissue of this record here.


side A

Batman Theme

Batman’s Batmorang

Batman and Robin Over The Roofs

The Penguin Chase

Flight of the Batman

Joker is Wild


side B

Robin’s Theme

Penguin’s Umbrella

Batman and Robin Swing

Batmobile Wheels

The Riddler’s Retreat

The Bat Cave


Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Sonic Youth – SYR 9 – Thème d’Alice

from the new Sonic Youth album
Simon Werner A Desparu (original enregistrement sonore)

info —


Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Chaos “Afrogermanic”
from the “Crime Report” Underground Resistance EP (and the “Interstellar Fugitives” LP)

UR “Talking To Z”
from the “Crime Report” Underground Resistance EP

Crimereport UR 021 – 1996
There have been reports of a UR special operations sonic insertion team code named I.S.F. (Interstellar Fugitives) in your zone. An imminent “LP” attack is expected any moment. Beware you have been warned!!

Taken From “Interstellar Fugitives” LP
Mastered at National Sound Corporation (NSC), Detroit

Underground Resistance is probably the most militantly political outcropping of modern urban American techno. Combining a grubby, four-track aesthetic, an almost strictly DIY business philosophy, and an oppositional, militaristic ethos similar to Public Enemy without the drama (or the familiarity; the members refuse to be photographed without bandanas obscuring their identities), UR have redirected their portion of the Detroit techno legacy to social activist ends, trading mainstream popularity and financial success for independence and self-determination. Begun in the early ’90s by Detroit second-wave trinity Mike Banks, Robert Hood & Jeff Mills, UR adapted the flavor and kick of early Detroit techno to the complex social, political, and economic circumstances in the wake of Reagan-era accelerated inner-city decline, and was formed as an outlet for uncompromising music geared toward awareness and change.

The early UR catalog is defined by a typically Detroit combination of Motown and Chicago soul, and ruthless, at times caustic lo-fi techno, acid, and electro (Mills’ background is in, among other things, Chicago industrial and EBM-style electro-techno, with Banks and Hood both coming from a solid house and techno base). Much of the label’s early output was the product of various permutations of Banks, Mills, and Hood, both solo and in combination, before Mills and Hood left UR in 1992 to pursue (and achieve) international success. Banks continued to operate UR in the wake of the split, releasing EPs such as “Return of Acid Rain,” “Message to the Majors,” and “Galaxy to Galaxy” under the UR banner, as well as 12-inches by increasingly renowned artists such as Drexciya, Suburban Knight and Scan 7. The first actual full-length credited to Underground Resistance was 1998’s Interstellar Fugitives. When the UR and Submerge Recordings Headquarters moved from 2030 Grand River to 3000 E Grand Blvd., the UR ‘family’ transformed again by assigning new members such as DJ 3000, S², Aquanauts, The, Buzz Goree and most notably the live band Los Hermanos.
Andre Holland, Bileebob, Chuck Gibson, Cornelius Harris, Dan Caballero, DJ Buzz Goree, Drexciya, Frankie Fultz, Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Gerald Mitchell, Ghetto Tech, ISH, James Pennington, Jeff Mills***, Marc Floyd, Mark Taylor, Mike Banks, Mike Clark, Milton Baldwin, Raphael Merriweathers Jr., Robert Hood***, Rolando Rocha***, Santiago Salazar, Timeline.

other tracks from the “Interstellar Fugitives” LP:

Perception “Mirage”

Underground Resistance “Negative Evolution”

UR website —

Bileebob “Get A Phone”

UR live a Roma

Underground resistance – Negative evolution