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The Worst of Monte Cazazza

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The Worst of Monte Cazazza (Il peggio di Monte Cazazza) 320 kbps mp3 —

Monte Cazazza – The Cynic —

info —

articolo su Monte Cazazza —

dead cats don’t swing…

informazioni sovversive

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Possiamo raggiungere la libertá come individui solo se siamo in grado di analizzare la situazione nel suo insieme. Essere una persona significa riuscire a ottenere questo grado di conoscenza. È nostra responsabilitá conoscere ed elaborare piú informazioni possibili su ogni cosa.

Intervista pubblicata su Maximum Rock’n’Roll, 1983

testo tratto dal volume crass bomb di DIY – edizioni agenzia x – pagina 79


Crass Records —

Crass a history. A guide to Crass records —

Crass – Christ The Movie —”christ+the+movie”+official&oq=crass+”christ+the+movie”+official&aq=f&aqi=&aql=1&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=23476l31227l0l32056l22l21l1l0l0l1l303l3972l1.8.10.1l20l0

a national acrobat

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Black Sabbath – A National Acrobat (from Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, 1973)

I am the world that hides
The universal secret of all time
Destruction of the empty spaces
Is my one and only crime
I’ve lived a thousand times
I found out what it means to be believed
The thoughts and images
The unborn child that never was conceived

When little worlds collide
I’m trapped inside my embryonic cell
And flashing memories
Are cast into the never-ending well
The name that scorns the face
The child that never sees the cause of man
The deathly darkness that
Belies the fate of those who never ran

Well I know its hard for you
To know the reason why
And I know you’ll understand
More when it’s time to die
Don’t believe the life you have
Will be the only one
You have to let your body sleep
To let your soul live on

I want you to listen
I’m trying to get through

Love has given life to you
And now it’s your concern
Unseen eye of inner life
Will make your soul return
Still I look but not to touch
The seeds of life are sown
Curtain of the future falls
The secret stays unknown

Just remember love is life
And hate is living death
Treat your life for what it’s worth
And live for every breath
Looking back I’ve lived and learned
But now I’m wondering
Here I wait and only guess
What this next life will bring

Wendy O. Williams and The Plasmatics

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Wendy O. Williams 1949-1998 R.I.P.

Wendy O. Williams chainsawing a guitar on stage

The Plasmatics “Concrete Shoes”

We Know You Lied
You Thought I Died
They Set The Trap
Your Phone Was Tapped
We’re Watching You
We Know What You Do
It’s Murder See
In The First Degree

And Now It’s Time

Concrete Shoes
Pay Your Dues
Special Concrete Shoes

An Overdose
Mixed In My Drink
I Found The Bottle
By The Sink
And Now You’re Here
You’re All Alone
We Cut The Wires
To Your Phone

The Plasmatics “Butcher Baby”

Butcher Baby
Dressed Up In Red
Butcher Baby
Messed In Your Head
Butcher Baby
Go Out At Night
Butcher Baby
Turn Out The Light

Oh Yea
Oh No
Oh Yea
Oh No

Oh Yea Now
Oh No
Oh Yea

Butcher Baby
You’re Dressed To Kill
Butcher Baby
I Know You Will
Butcher Baby
Today Is The Day
Butcher Baby
(They’re) Gonna Put You Away



Friday, December 24th, 2010

Flipper “Life”

I too have sung death’s praises
But I’m not going to sing that song anymore
Yes, I’ve find out what living is all about
It’s life! life!
Life is the only thing worth living for
Yes life! life!
Life is the only thing worth…
Life! life!
(I know it has it’s ups and downs)

from the album “Public Flipper Limited”:

In Get in the Van, his memoir of the early ’80s punk rock scene, Henry Rollins of Black Flag described the Flipper experience: “They were just heavy. Heavier than you. Heavier than anything…When they played they were amazing.”

Will Shatter R.I.P.
Will Shatter on stage with Negative Trend