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new beats from the depths of my samplers

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Here are some beats cooked in the last days.



202 mini beat tape

Friday, April 27th, 2012

sp-202/sp303 combo (mono mp3 file 320 kbps)

svario loop version 5

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

risolti i problemi con soundcloud installando Opera e ricreando di nuovo l’account identico a com’era prima

nuovo loop rivisto  e corretto


Italian HC compilation

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Italian Hardcore Punk compilation
compiled by THX on jan 9 2011

mp3 stereo 192 kbps

total running time 37 min 01 sec

download link


1. The Crime gang-bang “A Reagan” from “Figli Della Rabbia, Figli Del Dolore” 7″ EP
2. Not Moving “You’re Gone Away” from “Land Of Nothing” LP
3. Cheeta Chrome Motherfuckers “Four Hundred Fascists” from “Cheeta Chrome Motherfuckers” 7″ EP
4. Pea Wees “I Waste My Time” from “The Sensational Octopus Compilation” 7″ EP
5. O’DIO – Tampax – ascoltare e distruggere 7″
6. Wells Fargo “Flashback” from “Urlo” flexi (031/3)
7. The Pow “Pow’s Theme” from “NETWT.4oz.” LP
8. Panico “14 aprile” from “Scimmie” LP
9. U.N.S. “Memory Blank” from “Lethal Noise” LP
10. The Ravings “Hit And Run Driver” from “Anti-Nature Will” LP
11. Peggio (Punx) – Codex CPX 43577″ from “Alterazione Della Struttura” LP
12. Detriti “Svanito” from “Detriti n°0” LP
13. thx 1138 ? LP

many thanks to Adamo (DADA distribuzioni) for the records he gave me, that i used for this compilation.

The Crime gang-bang “Figli Della Rabbia, Figli Del Dolore” EP cover

just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood THX 1138

Hyperpop 2011 podcast

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011
[SND] thx hyperpop 2011 podcast.mp3 04-Jan-2011 15:53 135M

mp3 stereo 320 kbps
total running time: 58 min 51 sec

1 – Throbbing Gristle “Führer Der Mensheit” (S.O. 36 Berlin 11.7.80)
2 – Nurse With Wound “Spooky Loop”
3 – Jim O’Rourke “Please Note Our Failure”
4 – Vomit Lunchs “Ear Dot Mix”
5 – Suicide “96 Tears”
6 – Autophonic “Artificial Death”
7 – Matmos “l.a.s.i.k.”
8 – Dieb13 vs. Takeshi Fumimoto “Yo!”
9 – DJ Balli Is The Wrong Nigga To Fuk Wiz! “Forget about Caninus and Hatebeek, This Is MY HORSE!”
10 – Intervallo
11 – Techno Animal vs. Dälek “Megaton”
12 – Noto “∞” endless loop edition

original vinyls mixed by THX (4 jan 2011)

thanks to all my friends