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Cornered (HC – USA) + This Routine Is Hell (HC – NL) live @ Riottosa (FI)

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

stasera 18 ottobre 2011 alla Riottosa Zquat al Galluzzo (FI) in via senese di fronte alla Certosa, concerto hardcore punk con:



ATTITUDE (HC – Grosseto)

AUTOBLASTINDOG (metalcore – Grosseto)

CARLOS DUNGA (thrashcore – Firenze)

la Riottosa Zquat via senese 308,  Galluzzo (Firenze)

ACEPHALIX (San Francisco, USA) live CSA next emerson (FI) 14 set 2011

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

stasera al csa Next Emerson
a Firenze via di Bellagio 15 – zona Castello

apocalyptic death metal da San Francisco, USA


thrash metal violence


brutal crustcore assault

ore 22

Peggio – Alterazione della struttura. 1992

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Peggio (Punx – ndr) “Alterazione della struttura” LP 1992, Wide Records

A1. Codex CPX 43577
A2. Vola e vedrai
A3. Non capiremo mai
A4. Lei è tutto per lui
A5. Aspetta

B1. Corri voce
B2. Balla con noi
B3. Ultimo viaggio
B4. Momenti
B5. Attraverso lo specchio

side a


side b


more download links:

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side a download link

side b download link

info —

  1. Codex CPX 43577
  2. Vola e vedrai
  3. Non capiremo mai
  4. Lei è tutto per lui
  5. Aspetta
  6. Corri voce
  7. Balla con noi
  8. Ultimo viaggio
  9. Momenti
  10. Attraverso lo specchio

Italian HC compilation

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

Italian Hardcore Punk compilation
compiled by THX on jan 9 2011

mp3 stereo 192 kbps

total running time 37 min 01 sec

download link


1. The Crime gang-bang “A Reagan” from “Figli Della Rabbia, Figli Del Dolore” 7″ EP
2. Not Moving “You’re Gone Away” from “Land Of Nothing” LP
3. Cheeta Chrome Motherfuckers “Four Hundred Fascists” from “Cheeta Chrome Motherfuckers” 7″ EP
4. Pea Wees “I Waste My Time” from “The Sensational Octopus Compilation” 7″ EP
5. O’DIO – Tampax – ascoltare e distruggere 7″
6. Wells Fargo “Flashback” from “Urlo” flexi (031/3)
7. The Pow “Pow’s Theme” from “NETWT.4oz.” LP
8. Panico “14 aprile” from “Scimmie” LP
9. U.N.S. “Memory Blank” from “Lethal Noise” LP
10. The Ravings “Hit And Run Driver” from “Anti-Nature Will” LP
11. Peggio (Punx) – Codex CPX 43577″ from “Alterazione Della Struttura” LP
12. Detriti “Svanito” from “Detriti n°0” LP
13. thx 1138 ? LP

many thanks to Adamo (DADA distribuzioni) for the records he gave me, that i used for this compilation.

The Crime gang-bang “Figli Della Rabbia, Figli Del Dolore” EP cover

just another service provided by your friendly neighborhood THX 1138


Friday, December 24th, 2010

Flipper “Life”

I too have sung death’s praises
But I’m not going to sing that song anymore
Yes, I’ve find out what living is all about
It’s life! life!
Life is the only thing worth living for
Yes life! life!
Life is the only thing worth…
Life! life!
(I know it has it’s ups and downs)

from the album “Public Flipper Limited”:

In Get in the Van, his memoir of the early ’80s punk rock scene, Henry Rollins of Black Flag described the Flipper experience: “They were just heavy. Heavier than you. Heavier than anything…When they played they were amazing.”

Will Shatter R.I.P.
Will Shatter on stage with Negative Trend